Seat cover repairs

We  specialize in restoring all car seats back to original ride comfort. Replacing any worn covers, foam or springs. Seat covers do ware over time, even when they have been covered with a loose fitting car seat cover. Most of this ware is due to getting in and out of the vehicle and ride ware, which is when a driver presses into the seat when cornering, breaking, and accelerating.

Inside Cars have also been able to take care of Cigarette burns, split seams and spring and frame repairs


Plastic rear convertible window replacement

If your soft top is in good condition but the plastic window in the rear has perished, it can be replaced without changing the entire roof. Inside Cars speacialise in soft top repairs and have replaced the rear plastic as well as the entire roofs in most soft top models. Including Smart Car Cabrio, Porsche Boxster, Mx5, BMW E36, Alpha Romeo, Honda S2000 and Mercedes Benz to name a few. Inside Cars also repairs hydraulic systems on convertibles. 

Head linings

We specialize in roof lining replacement, also known as head lining. This involves removing the existing felt that is known to sag over time and replace it with new, matching felt. The length of time this procedure takes is between 4 hours and two days depending on the car.
This can be a tedious process with some cars that have over head DVD players installed or sunroofs but there has never been a head lining that we have not been able to replace, most of the time the job can be done within a day.

Convertible roof replacement and repairs

Inside Cars specialize in convertible soft top replacement. We not only replace soft tops, we can repair the existing one if the plastic window has perished.

Inside Cars also service the mechanical parts of your soft top. An automatic convertible should fold into the reservoir of the vehicle with ease and without assistance. Over time certain components whether it be an elastic strap or hydraulic hose, can ware, making the roof either difficult to operate or inoperable. Inside Cars has had extensive experience locating faults and fixing them from resetting the roof to replaceing leaking hoses or broken mechanical parts.

Seat foam repair

We specialize in car seat foam repair work and is a job we take pride in. Is your car seat uncomfortable? Can you feel the frame of your seat digging into your hips or back? This is a problem that Inside Cars has fixed for many customers. Car seat foam repairs include the installation of firmer foam,  fitting adjustable lumbar support, or repairing worn foam.

Automotive carpets

We specialize in automotive car carpets and make both custom car carpets, custom car mats and can fit molded car carpets to all car models. We have a large range of carpets to suit every make and model from loop pile to plush pile.


Seat frame repair

This photo is of a seat frame that had suffered metal fatigue, splitting in two places. Signs of fatigue include squeaking, the seat being un-even at the top and/or looseness of the seat when driving. To self asses your driver seat, try sitting in the passenger seat, press your back firmly into the back rest of the seat, then do the same in the driver seat. There should be little or no difference between the two. The driver seat should be firm and even, providing a comfortable yet supportive platform to sit on during use of the vehicle.  

Sound Deadening

Is your car too loud? Sound deadening can help with long trips, cutting down engin and road noise. Sound deadening is also popular with car sound enthusiasts with the application of products such as Dynomat producing better performence from thier cars sound system. Sound deadening products can be supplied and fitted or just supplied, enquire now to find out about a good deal.

Custom Interior Work

We specialize and take great pride and joy in restoring our customer's cars. We believe that it is in this area of the trade that sets us apart and is an area where our skills are truly appreciated by not just out customers but also the all those who are privileged to see our workmanship. When we put our hand to any project we consider each detail and only use automotive, marine or aviation grade materials.